Green Nectar – Marine Hydrator
Green Nectar – Marine Hydrator
Green Nectar – Marine Hydrator

Green Nectar – Marine Hydrator

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"A little goes a long way with this extraordinary gem. Borrowing from land and sea, this liquid silk provides the most intensive and gratifying hydration for thirsty skin cells. It quenches and nourishes deeply, mirroring the ambrosial nectar that sustains life in the lush forest."

The Bioactives

Green Nectar provides intensive hydration with a silky finish, a truly unique trait for a hyaluronic acid-based hydrator. Its ultra lightweight texture also makes this a highly versatile hydrator for all seasons and environmental conditions.  

A team of tried-and-true plant-based humectants forms the foundation of this liquid silk. We supercharge hyaluronic acid, aloe vera leaf juice and glycerin with chlorella and sea kelp extracts, marine extracts that have been proven to support collagen and elastin synthesis. 

We cap off this formula with an optimized blend of passion flower, plantain leaf, calendula and comfrey leaf extracts - all powerhouse ingredients with exceptional abilities to sooth and calm your skin. 

Green Nectar absorbs like a dream, cushioning your skin in an ocean of moisture. A wonderful team player, this hydrator can be layered with other mists, serums, moisturizers and oils to create multiple layers of light hydration, plumping and invigorating your skin.

Tips from CJ

Add a few drops of your favourite facial oil to 1-2 pumps of Green Nectar and massage this mixture onto your skin. Green Nectar does a beautiful job helping the oil penetrate into your skin where it is most needed.  

The Ritual

Apply 1-2 pumps on slightly damp skin. Massage with fingertips or press gently, until it is fully absorbed. Works harmoniously with other mists, serums or moisturizers, so feel free to layer on as you desire.

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