How we started

I always had an affinity to nature. As the daughter of an ardent nature lover, my childhood was spent outdoors among plants, herbs and flowers, creating tinctures and elixirs. This curiosity extended well into my adult years as I dabbled endlessly in DIY creations. Yet it was not until I was expecting my daughter that this side passion evolved into a full-time commitment – Forest Rhapsody Skincare.

My pregnancy was marked by volatile bouts of hormonal cystic acne, and many of my skincare products were shelved because they were aggravating my skin condition. Post pregnancy, my skin simply lost its resilience – it was easily sensitized and reacted to many ingredients I was previously using. I soon found myself oscillating wildly between multiple harsh actives and overly simplified formulas.

As I sought gentler alternatives to the traditional actives I had been accustomed to up till that point, I intuitively turned to nature for inspiration – using plant-based bioactives was without doubt, the optimal solution.

In formulating this collection, I wanted to shift the conversation from instant results, to one that celebrates the gradual revival and sustenance of happy and healthy skin. My guiding principle is not about how many actives I can cram into a formula, or how high a percentage the formulas can reach. This capsule collection focuses on using key plant-based bioactives, optimising their performance with other proven ingredients, and allowing these key actives to take centre stage in a formula.

I was always taught that every plant has a story behind it – its purpose in the environment, why and how it co-exists with other plants, and most intriguingly, how it benefits us. I listened. I learned. And now, I gather all my knowledge, past and present, to craft this capsule skincare collection for you.

CJ Zhan-Shahani