Our Story

Clean Beauty, Redefined

forest rhapsody TM/ MC was born out of a desire to revolutionise 'clean' beauty and to redefine the category.

We create intelligent and sophisticated skincare solutions that provide both results and a sensory experience, by boldly celebrating green chemistry. We harvest next generation bioactives in our formulas, pioneering a skincare collection that deliver results while elevating a mandatory regiment to a much-deserved ritual.

At forest rhapsodyTM/ MC, we formulate to perform and to delight. 


The Genesis

I always had an affinity to nature. As the daughter of an ardent nature lover, I started exploring the symbiotic relationship between plants and science as early as I could remember - my childhood was spent outdoors among plants, trees and medicinal herbs, and it was in this environment that the first seeds of forest rhapsodyTM/ MC were planted.

This passion transitioned with me into my adult years but it was during my pregnancy, that this curiosity evolved into a full-time commitment – forest rhapsodyTM/ MC . Throughout both pregnancies, I dealt with volatile and aggressive bouts of hormonal cystic acne. Many of my skincare products aggravated my skin condition and had to be shelved. Post pregnancy, my skin simply lost its resilience. It was easily sensitized and highly reactive and I was forced to re-evaluate my skincare routine and every product I had known and used. During this period of trial and error, I oscillated wildly between multiple harsh actives prescribed by top dermatologists, and overly simplified formulas that eliminated all gratification from a daily skincare routine.

This experience compelled me to research gentle yet efficacious alternatives to the traditional actives that were available to me up till this point. I intuitively turned to plants for solutions – using plant-based bioactives was without doubt, the optimal solution. Through rigorous research, endless experimentation and multiple trials, I work with a team of all-female chemists to explore innovative ingredients to pioneer a game-changing skincare line that is rooted in plant-based bioactives. Our formulas focus on using key plant-based bioactives, optimising their performance with other clinically proven ingredients, and allowing these bioactives to take centre stage in a formula. The result is a capsule collection that is HIGHLY EFFICACIOUS, COMPLETELY GENTLE AND UNDOUBTEDLY SENSORIAL. 


CJ Zhan-Shahani