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Ancient Beauty Rituals + Clinically-proven Actives

At Forest Rhapsody, we celebrate ancient beauty rituals by elevating them with clinically-proven actives. 

Using traditional and time-tested ingredients that have been using for years in beauty rituals across Southeast Asia, we optimise their performance with a plethora of clinically-proven actives and botanicals ingredients, intentionally choosing those that play well with one another, to create revolutionary skin treats that transform your skin. 

Our mission is to create sophisticated and highly intelligent skincare solutions that have the proven ability to deliver unparalleled long-term results, while delivering an transformative experience for your senses.

At Forest Rhapsody, we formulate to perform and to delight.


"Dew Drop's unique gel to oil texture, vibrant color, uplifting scent, easy to work with and rinses off clean with water, it is everything that you are looking for in a cleanser and more!"



"...this little hidden Dew Drops enzymatic cleansing gel just won my heart"



"Green Nectar melted into my skin when I tested it so I had to pick it up..."



"...I am obsessed with the texture of Dew Drops and the scent is so therapeutic"



"Nothing works on my skin like your Thousand Petals mask..."