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Dew Drops - how we made it happen

Dew Drops Enzymatic Cleansing Gel

Dew Drops, our award-wining enzymatic gel cleanser ALMOST did not happen

Early lab samples failed all stability tests – one after another. It was an uphill battle trying to perfect the efficacy and texture of this cleansing gel, because of the high percentage of time-honoured botanical oils we insisted on including in this formula (Yes! We are obsessed with formulation.) 

For 24 months, we endured endless rounds of trial and error until the never-ending failed samples spilled over my desk into a little brown box stored in the dusty corner of my office.

With each new prototype, we strove to balance the rigor of science-based research with the infinite possibilities inspired by centuries-old botanicals used across Southeast Asia, recognising that there is an element of sensory joy that cannot be captured in a petri dish in a laboratory.

It was a fluid and lengthy process, one that leans on logic and is guided by intuition. 

We were driven by nothing but an audacious vision to celebrate traditional beauty rituals that have been inherited from the generations before us, so we can create skincare treats that perform and delight in equal measure. 

Creating a formula that will redefine the way we cleanse – the most imported but underrated step in a routine – was not a choice. It was a mission. 

And when we were finally down to our last few solutions, one of the prototypes came out as the most sublime gel cleanser, with a distinct golden hue borrowed from the plant oils.  

The mystical swirl of the emulsified oils; the subtle citrus scent with an herbaceous and woody undertone; and the celestial texture of Dew Drops as it glided on our skin was unlike anything we have ever experienced. 

She was different. 

Simply, Dew Drops is a beautiful cocktail of all the ingredients your skin craves; an embodiment of the spirit of ancient beauty rituals; and a travel back in time to a place where slow beauty is revered.

All in a single jar.

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