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Inspired by the generations of women before me

Milk Ferment Cleansing Milk

Inspired by the generations of women before me

Growing up, the women in my family would harvest the water from rinsing rice grains and incorporate it into beauty rituals in more ways than one.

Certain days, this precious milky liquid would be used to rinse off skincare products, and other days, it would be splashed on bare skin to nourish and sooth the skin.

Some home remedies also feature fermented rice in various forms, used on their own, or in combination with other ingredients.

Its versatility lends so many possibilities to this nutrient-packed water. And anything not utilised for the day would be used to feed the plants in our garden – and these plants always yield the sweetest fruits, herbs and vegetables.

It is with this traditional practice in mind, that I crafted Milk Ferment, a tribute to the generations of women before me and a revival of a traditional beauty practice.

Light in texture and heavy in nutrients, Milk Ferment calms and hydrates intensely, and cleanses like a dream.

How Milk Ferment indulges your skin

  • Removes light make-up, sunscreen and daily impurities gently and effectively
  • Balances skin’s microbiome by encouraging cell renewal
  • Soothes and calms easily sensitised skin
  • Keeps skin hydrated, soft and supple
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