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Slow down, really slow down

Dew Drops Enzymatic Cleansing Gel

Great skin starts with a great cleanse

What if I told you a deep cleanse is the cornerstone of every transformative skincare routine?

Cleansing is the first step in every routine, and it sets the tone for the rest of the ritual. It creates a clean canvas and prepares your skin for leave-on products in subsequent steps.

But it is also the one step we all rush through!

Perhaps even with the tap running or in the shower for a brief 10 seconds, in between washing our hair and belting out our favourite tunes.

So here is a challenge for all of us to slow down, really slow down. Take your time with your cleanse today. Count to 30. Maybe 40.

This is why we created Dew Drops 

We want your cleansing step to be as luxurious and indulgent as possible, so you will linger on as long as you can at this step, before hastening along the rest of your routine.

From the ingredient list; the slip of the enzymatic gel; to the scent of this golden cleanser, everything was thought through, tested, refined, and tested again. 

We crafted this cleanser with the intention of changing the way you think about cleansing, and ultimately shifting your daily routine into a divine ritual.

So if you have not experienced the magic of Dew Drops now is the moment to dive right it. But do it slowly...

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