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Up Close And Personal With Dew Drops

A highly intentional union of all the ingredients your skin craves... squeezed into a single jar.

As a family-owned business, our growth is Methodical. Intentional. Purposeful. And this philosophy comes through in all our formulas, including our cult-favourite cleanser Dew Drops.

Dew Drops is a concoction of 17 exquisite ancient herbs and botanicals oils, thoughtfully blended together, lending Dew Drops that distinct and sublime golden hue.

A formula that took more than 2 years to perfect, Dew Drops will shift your daily cleanse into a well-deserved moment of indulgence.

Simply, Dew Drops is a cleanser designed to perform and to delight in equal measure!


Dew Drops celebrates the papaya fruit. Ubiquitous throughout Southeast Asia as a beauty ingredient, papaya is a natural source of papain enzymes, known for gentle and effective exfoliating properties, as well as its brightening properties.

We paired the enzymes with a blend of nourishing oils – abyssinian, borage, neem and turmeric, just to name a few – to feed the skin. We dove deep into the world of botanical oils to study the profiles of different oils, and how they complement one another during the formulation process.

We also include a trio of ancient herbs - goji seed extract, gingko leaf extract and camellia tea-oil - gold standard of botanical antioxidants – to help soothe your skin from environment stressors.

This well-loved cleanser is a highly intentional union of all the ingredients your skin craves, squeezed into a single jar – a celebration of time-honored ingredient by elevating their performance with modern day actives.

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