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Unveil Petal-Soft Skin

Forest Rhapsody Thousand Petals
Exfoliating Mousse for Petal-Soft Skin
Ahh! Where do we even begin with Thousand Petals?
A pretty little jar with a pretty little name, cradling a formula that is uniquely crafted to deliver stunning results.
With Thousand Petals, we set out to create a gentle yet efficacious exfoliator - something that would reveal petal-soft skin without the burning or tingling sensation - often mistaken for product efficacy.
Our powerhouse ingredient is pyruvic acid harvested from the chalices of the roselle flower, a variation of the more commonly known hibiscus flower.
This unique ingredient exfoliates powerfully, yet is gentle enough for most skin types, with minimal potential redness or irritation.
Key Ingredients in Thousand Petals

Roselle FlowerAcid Blend: Pyruvic acid, harvested from the chalices of the roselle flower, provides effective yet gentle exfoliation with minimal irritation or redness, while synergistic blend of lactic acid and fruit acids stimulates cell renewal activity at your skin's own pace.

Bamboo Powder: Finely milled bamboo powder subtly polishes your skin to remove any remnant dead skin cells.

Bearberry: Source of arbutin, evens out skin tone and fades pigmentation gently and effectively.

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