Our Formulation Philosophy

Perfect Confluence of Tradition + Modernity

Formulating is part science and part artistry and here at Forest Rhapsody, formulation is at the heart of everything we do. 

Leaning on an rigorous internal process, we select proven actives that are supported by clinical studies, before conducting multiple trials over months and years in our lab to create formulas that deliver exceptional results.

We then balance the rigor of science-based research with the endless possibilities inspired by centuries-old botanicals used across Southeast Asia, recognising that there is an element of sensory joy that cannot be measured in a petri dish in a laboratory.

We are equally obsessed with creating efficacious formulas, as we are with formulating skin treats that delight your senses.

"From the celestial texture to the invigorating scent, every single element is designed to elevate your daily skincare routine."