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Skincare Routine For Spring

What do you love about spring?

Is it the grounding scent of the earth, warming up in preparation for a season of growth and vibrancy?

Is it the first hint of green seedlings peeking from beneath the thawing soil, ready to show up for the next chapter?

Or is it the rising temperature and humidity that beckons a shift of activity and with that, more outdoor time in nature? 

From my window, I see yellow specks of dandelions spreading across vast fields. One of the earlier blooms in springtime, this yellow hardy flower is a timely reminder that just as seasons change, so do the needs of our skin. 

I have always, always loved multiple layers of light hydration - more so as the temperature and humidity rise. I take my time to pamper and treat my skin, intentionally drawing out a daily routine into a well-deserved sacred ritual - it is my way of creating a sanctuary for my skin and mind.  

How do you alter your daily routine for the new season? Tell us!



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