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Quench Your Skin with Liquid Silk

Green Nectar Marine Hydrator

Everyday. 2 times a day.

Green Nectar is one of the products that our customers keep coming back for.

A silky liquid, this concoction is nothing short of gratifying when it comes to hydrating thirsty skin.

Highly versatile, this intensely hydrating serum is not fussy at all, and plays well with all your facial oils, mists and moisturisers.

It slips so effortlessly into all and any of your daily skincare rituals.

Here are two of my favourite ways (among many others!) to use  Green Nectar.

1. Combine with Thousand Petals

Combine a scoop of Thousand Petals with 2-3 pumps of Green Nectar to create a creamy exfoliating cleanser. This luscious combination is the FIRST thing I feed my skin after a long-haul flight or a full day outdoors. Gentle exfoliation coupled with intense hydration will leave your skin fresh and supple, ready to explore a new city or a new day.

2. Add to your favourite facial oil

Combine 2-3 pumps of  Green Nectar with your favourite facial oil. This serum-oil cocktail absorbs gorgeously to give your skin that elusive subtle glow, without the heaviness from the oil. And your skin stays deeply hydrated throughout the day.

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