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Meet Nocturnal Trilogy

The Inspiration

Originating from the rich culinary traditions of Southeast Asian culture, the butterfly pea flower often graced our kitchen, transforming dishes with its natural hue.

Diving deeper into this botanical, I soon discover its unique antioxidant-rich profile and plethora of skin-loving properties.

As a child, I would stand spellbound, watching the tea's colour dance harmoniously with the changing pH levels, a magical spectacle etched into my memory. This fascination birthed a dream – to craft a product that pays homage to this extraordinary flower.

Weaving together the butterfly pea with the velvety notes of blue tansy and wild pansy, this exquisite union, enriched with the gentle potency of retinol, celebrates both the heritage of tradition and the boundless innovation found within nature's secret garden.

To bring this formula full circle, we incorporate a trifecta of time-tested and soothing botanicals - neem, chamomile and calendula – creating a skincare treat that regenerates your skin gracefully while you sleep.

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