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From Earth to Skin

Confession time...I have been neglecting my masking routine, but last night, glancing at my jar of Good Earth, something stirred - as if the jar was calling out to me, urging me to indulge. And I did. 

Best decision I made this week.

I was more generous than usual, spreading a luscious layer of this nourishing blend over my skin, focusing on blemish-prone areas like my chin and sides of nose.

Rinsing off after 15-minutes, I remembered why I fell in love with this earthy mask the 1st time I tested the prototype!

The result seemed almost instantaneous and my skin had this unbelievable glow - almost as if it was taking in a fresh breath of air. A new lease of life.

🌱Combination of thanaka bark powder and clay worked wonders to draw out impurities.

🌱Sustainably harvested raw honey—a natural humectant—hydrates beautifully. 

🌱Brightening actives further enhanced by the cinnamon liposome, a superior delivery system that gave my skin a warm, barely-there blush—an indicator of healthy blood circulation.

This evening masking routine transformed my entire night, reminding me of how beautiful and almost perfect this formula truly is.

If you've been neglecting your masking game, this is your sign to ease your way back into this intentional practice.

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