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Meet Nocturnal Trilogy

Did you know as day fades to night, your skin's natural regeneration and repair mechanisms awaken?

Nocturnal Trilogy Regenerative Night Cream is a potent elixir that transforms your nightly skincare into a sacred restoration ritual.

Allow Nocturnal Trilogy to tenderly embrace your skin each night before you sleep, so you can meet each morning with a renewed complexion.

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Hear It From Our Tribe

5 years. 7 formulas. Thousands of happy customers ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Love It

I am a holistic esthetician and my standards are super high! The reason I ordered this to try was based on the ingredient list. I am very picky about that. It is pure with no added junk. Feels great and works great[...] - Skye

Love the ritual of cleansing with this

There really is no other cleanser quite like Dew Drops. On days where I have light makeup [...] I use this as my first step cleanser. The feeling of the gel on the skin is nice. And then as you rub it all over your face, the gel just covers your skin so nicely - HM

Best Hydrator Nectar to my skin

Truly the best hydrator I ever experienced for my dry skin My fine wrinkles that go with the dryness are gone. 2 pumps on my face to moisture and last for the entire day. Super powerful. Thank you -) - Isabelle

The Forest Rhapsody Difference

The perfect balance between ancient wisdom and proven science

Ancient Ingredients

Time-honoured ingredients, celebrated for generations

Green Chemistry

Advanced & clinically-proven bioactives


Tested in an independent third-party laboratory


Recyclable glass & packaging from sustainably-managed forest

Our #1 Cult-Favourite Cleanser

Dew Drops transforms your daily cleanse into an enchanting and efficacious ritual

Dew Drops Enzymatic Cleansing Gel

Optimal blend of 17 ancient herbs & botanicals oils and extracts, formulated to perform and to delight.

Dew Drops Enzymatic Cleansing Gel

Optimal blend of 17 ancient herbs & botanicals oils and extracts, formulated to perform and to delight.

"In a world of instant gratification, we choose the power of slow beauty. At Forest Rhapsody, we artfully combine time-honored ingredients and clinically-proven actives to create skincare that perform and delight - giving you results that have been tested, proven and passed down through generations"

Why I Started Forest Rhapsody

My skin does not define my character or values. Yet, during the peak of my pregnancy acne flare-up, I often felt crushed under the judgmental looks.

Forest Rhapsody is my rebellion against this stereotype.

Healthy skin comes in all forms and it takes time, great ingredients and consistency to build a solid foundation for healthy skin.

I call this slow beauty, and Forest Rhapsody is my way of reshaping this narrative, one jar (or bottle) at a time. Welcome to our tribe!

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Change The Narrative With Us

My quest for healthy skin was a lengthy and challenging journey.

In my most vulnerable moments, I intuitively leaned on native botanicals I grew up with, and trusted them to heal my skin.

Every skincare solution offered here, represents a piece of my heritage, and is meticulously formulated and artfully crafted to bring you back to a time where slow beauty was celebrated.

We won awards along the way and gained recognition from esteemed beauty editors, but the true victory lies in the lives we have transformed on this journey.

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Your Journey Starts Here

This is a personal invitation from us to you, to explore our skincare solutions and customize a skincare ritual to unleash your inner glow.

This is your moment to transform your skin.

We've had the privilege of guiding thousands of customers to reclaim happy and healthy skin, and we would love to do the same for you. Treat yourself today!

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